Speaker Info

Got a great idea for a session? Or a fully developed session proposal? Or maybe you just want to speak at the upcoming event?

The CSEF Conference offers three ways for you to help shape the content of our program:

1) Provide a Session Idea

Have a great idea for a session, but not a fully developed proposal? We’d still love to hear from you. Simple session ideas will help us identify hot topics and trends that may be developed by our program manager and event planning committees into fully developed proposals. 

2) Propose a Fully Developed Session

Have a fully developed session proposal? Submit your proposal including title, description, goals, design, target audience and speakers and our staff and event planning committees will review it.

3) Volunteer As A Speaker

Want to speak at the event? Volunteer as a speaker if you are interested in sharing your expertise on one or more topics. All applicants will be reviewed for their qualifications and will be notified of potential speaking opportunities if their expertise fits with the final program.