Upcoming Events

P3C organizes seven project delivery conferences each year. If you are looking to further your project delivery education or network with industry leaders, consider attending some of the other events we host.

Download: 2021 Event Calendar

Healthcare Project Delivery Conference

The U.S. Healthcare Project Delivery Conference
For healthcare infrastructure solutions: new strategies for your facility challenges.


Public-Private Partnership Conference

The Public-Private Partnership Conference (P3C)
The largest national P3 event in the country. 


Convention Sports & Entertainment Facilities Conference

The Convention, Sports, and Entertainment Facilities Conference 
Focused on project delivery for solutions for convention centers, sports venues, and entertainment facilities.


P3 Water Summit

The P3 Water Summit
Focused on alternative delivery models for U.S. water projects.


The P3 Airport Summit

The P3 Airport Summit
Focused on U.S. and International airport infrastructure project delivery.


P3 Higher Education Summit

The P3 Higher Education Summit
Exploring P3 opportunities in U.S. college and university infrastructure delivery.


P3 Government Conference

The P3 Government Conference
A multi-sector conference examining current and upcoming P3 projects for local, state, and federal public agencies.